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Yes, it really is possible to abandon unskillful habits and to develop skillful ones. The raucous carryings-on of a group of brahmans lead the Buddha to reflect on the rewards of detachment.

Do not believe in something because a scripture says it is so. The Buddha explains here which are the two guardians of the world. Here the Buddha catches Ven.

Anguttara Nikaya

A guttara Nik ya

Why the principle of truthfulness does not imply total frankness or openness. The Buddha explains how correct meditation practice consists of the development of both insight vipassana and tranquillity samatha. Five qualities that are hard to find in one who has gone forth when old. Do not believe in hearsay, rumor, speculative opinion, public opinion, or mere acceptance to logic and inference alone.

If you read only one section of the Buddhist scriptures, the best one to read or start with is the Anguttara Nikaya. In these pdf files original Pali version of Tripitaka is located on the left and the Sinhala translation can be found on the right.

The Buddha explains how concentration, when fully developed, can bring about any one of four different desirable results. The Buddha here offers some helpful advice. Sariputta describes five skillful ways of dealing with feelings of hatred toward others. The Buddha describes four possible courses of rebirth open to someone who practices jhana.

The Government of Sri Lanka sponsored the Translation of Tipitaka in to Sinhala on and the project was undertaken by a prominent team of scholars from the sangha community. In many discourses, the Buddha speaks of the near shore and the far shore. Two short reminders not to misquote or misrepresent the Buddha's teachings. The opinions of our friends and enemies often influence our own thoughts and feelings about others.

Five ways of listening to a Dhamma talk that will determine whether you can alight on the True Dhamma while listening. Why hold on to your anger?

Sutta Pitaka in Sinhalese

The Anguttara Nikaya - Free Download

The Anguttara Nikaya - Free Download

Although fire, flood, and war may threaten to divide families, the world is fraught with even greater dangers. The Buddha describes the practices of the four sublime states metta, karuna, mudita, and upekkha and of the four frames of reference satipatthana as a basis for concentration practice.

Instead, its duty is to remember to make the elements of the path arise and to prevent them from passing away. It contains the unmodified, true teachings of Lord Buddha in its actual context. Five grave deeds that prevent one from realising any of the noble attainments in this lifetime. Here are ten possible antidotes. In subtle states of concentration the sense spheres are present to one's awareness, but one is not taking mental note of them.

The various levels of noble attainment, described in terms of the degree of accomplishment of each of the three trainings. The Buddha outlines the skills that one must develop in order for wisdom to unfold. Mr Saminda Ranasinghe converted the original printed books to electronically readable pdf files. Most of these suttas are mere repetitions with a new word added here and there.

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An enumeration of the seven anusaya obsessions or latent tendencies. Sometimes even the best medicines for the body don't work. Five dreams that appeared to the Buddha before his Awakening, together with their interpretation.

Anguttara Nikaya

With the breakup of the body, after death, he will be reborn among humans in a favorable condition. Documents linked from this page may be subject to other restrictions. The Buddha discusses the eight stages in which he developed the knowledge of devas that constituted part of his awakening.

In addition, some of the best and most profound Buddhist teachings can be found in the Anguttara Nikaya. The Anguttara Nikaya is one of the five major collections of the discourses section of the Pali Canon, which is the Buddhist scriptures. The exact count of suttas in the Anguttara depends on the particular edition Sri Lankan, Thai, nitnem path mp3 or Burmese and on the way the suttas are enumerated.

The Buddha describes three governing principles that keep one's Dhamma practice on-track. These suttas are among those selected by King Asoka r.

Due to this immediate action taken by the then Sangha, the purest version of Buddhist teaching was included into the Tripitaka, without letting any elements to be missed or altered with time. He deserves the merits of all this hard work. We owe a great debt to our parents.

Anguttara Nikaya

He then shows how pain and pleasure actually do come about and how they can be transcended. The Buddha compares the skillful training of one's mind to the way a goldsmith purifies gold ore. The Buddha, having never made use of writing, asked his listeners to be attentive and to memorize his instructions. This short discourse contains detailed practical instructions on how to answer questions skillfully. You say you want Buddhism to thrive in the West?