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Rain pretty much summed it up. CoreAudio supports low latency performance at the native level. Not much of a new audience. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.

Please hurry with Sonar for Mac! As much as I'd like to see it for personal reasons, I don't think it'd be a wise decision.

Fur Shur, after it fixes a big bunch of other stuff, and adds another bunch of stuff. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll run into issues on Windows, but it's still true.

SONAR Mac Prototype

Not only that, but these all have the one feature that Cakewalk couldn't care less for - proper notation. Cakewalk is doing the right thing. From Cakewalk for Dos to the present. Hopefully, tattooed heart mp3 the new Sonar will work smoothly on the Mac. Yet if sonar could work in mac.

Cakewalk - SONAR Mac Prototype

How do you compete with such a powerhouse at such a bargain price? Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase already provide top notch solutions.

Cakewalk - SONAR Mac Prototype

And of course, the Facebook page. Which I'm very happy about.

For the love of God please create a Mac version. But I guess this is a form of time travel. It is unfortunate that you can't delete that post. And that's after they actually launch it.

Even just having the old versions archived will be kind of nice. And then some big facilities, obviously.

While developing it, I expect most other development would be severely curtailed. No culpo a Sonar, sobre inestabilidades del sistema, pero el poder elegir el sistema operativo es ser mas libre. Since then, I rarely call, but when I do, their tech team is the best. The current version, Sonar Platinum is extremely comprehensive and very robust. What this tells me is that the Mac market just wasn't enough anymore.

It's possible you've not encounted some of my posts. Then I discovered that Windows could do more for less money. Please note that this is the posters opinion - not mine! Essentials Only Full Version. Haven't received registration validation E-mail?

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So why isn't it running on my android? But frankly, the Mac isn't what it once was. Anxiously waiting to try it!

Credibility is about the product itself not the environment it runs on for me which is what you were implying earlier. As far as just a tool to make music, yes you have the right idea. Maybe I want to have my cake and eat it to. Actually I was quoting what others said to me.

Anderton's posts confirm that. Once I'm working in Sonar, Windows barely comes into play. There are plenty enough issues to sort out on the pc platform let alone divert precious programming time to what would be a completely separate product line. They are not a big company and I prefer that they concentrate their efforts on only one platform. Apple makes money on the hardware, so they'll make sure you need to upgrade hardware periodically.

SONAR Mac Prototype

There was one problem I had that they could not solve and it turned out it was the diver on my video card, which once it was updated, solved the problem. Forums Posts Latest Posts. But soon, Macs will be capable of running Windows, so if you wanted to I suppose you could run Sonar on a Mac then.

Never had to worry about such things as optimization - unless running Pro Tools which is not the greatest in terms of performance. Tested and verified time and time again, with my old M-Audio and my current Focusrite interface. Both programs are good but not good as sonar. Let's stick with facts - no one benefits from propaganda, whether it's for or against Apple. However it will not happen.

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That is a least a half million dollars a year. Did you know Vista had something called Core Audio?

And why would they do otherwise? Sain Studio this is where we are! When you buy into Apple, you need to do it with eyes open. Not one person so I'm not understanding why you keep saying you are tired of arguments, there are none here. My experience with Cakewalk Tech support has been the opposite of yours.