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The structure of the body increased the percentage of strong and high-strength steels. Loudspeaker Tweeter left and right. Disengage the ends of the retaining Disengage the ends of the retaining spring to release it. Screen and headlamp wash Battery. Control B is inactive if the vehicle has been locked with the remote control or with the key.

When you are handling the rear seats, avoid trapping the seat belts rear seats are removable. This allows from the front, deactivation of the opening Personal security of the rear doors and the When the vehicle is started, the use of the rear windows. Control for central locking of doors and boot.

Does not work with the ignition off. Whether on dipped beam or main beam, your headlamps follow the di- rection of the road ahead. Improved basic equipment, expanded list of available options. Depress the clutch pedal and wait a Do not select reverse gear until the few moments before gently engaging vehicle is completely stationary.

In manual mode, it is not necessary to release the accelerator during changes of gear. To ensure efficient operation, fonts package take care not to obstruct the air outlets located under the front seats. Do not forget to close it again.

It contains essential information about driving your vehicle and operating its equipment, as well as other important advice to be rigorously followed. This position is for exclud- disagreeable odours Flow to the windscreen or emissions coming from and front side windows. Do not touch the cable clamps during - open the bonnet using the interior the procedure.

Right hand rear window control. Lock the vehicle using button A on the remote control. To attach the top belt, raise the head restraint of the vehicle seat, then pass the buckle between the two supports. In this way the gearbox operates in autoadaptive mode, without the need for your intervention. Using the lever Using the control paddles behind the steering wheel Push the lever forwards to change up.

The roof is not included in the power scheme of the body, which allowed using a panel of tempered glass instead of a standard steel roof panel on individual trim levels. With the engine running, these same C. Press once to lock the vehicle. To open, pull the handle and lower - slide the seat as far as possible To retrieve an object, lift the drawer the lid.

If the parking assistance is inactive, the warning lamp is on. Storage drawer left and right. This display indicates normal ope- rating.

It keeps the brakes applied for a brief moment, precisely the time taken for moving your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal. Increasing the value memorised.

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Citroen User Manuals Download - ManualsLib

CITROEN C4 Handbook

When the vehicle is braking or reducing speed, gearbox changes down automatically to a suitable gear. The line of gasoline engines is partially preserved. If you have any questions, please contact with us.

Confirm your choice with a press on C. Side window demister vent left and right.

Steering lock and ignition switch. Replace it with a battery of the same type voltage, amp rating. The roof has two opaque blinds positioned at the front and rear. Rotate the bulb-holder a quarter turn. Activation or deactivation of the parking assistance is memorised when you stop the vehicle.


No extra adjustment is necessary. Ignition on, the orange and red alert system. They come on immediately you unlock the vehicle or open a door.

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Adjust the position of the steering wheel for height and reach. Starting the engine The engine can be started only in position P or N. Switch off the ignition and action the wipe stalk within one minute. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Left hand rear window control.

Windscreen wipe Fast speed. The length of the body has changed slightly. Changes of gear are accepted only if consistent with engine speed. To open it, lift the flap.

Push in and wait a few moments. Automatic wipe windscreen wiper speed automati- activated. The belt retracts automatically when not in use. To lower, Turn the control to adjust the seat to Use the control A to adjust the back- press on the unlocking button and the desired position.

Manual mode Reverse gear - Push the lever to change to a Only engage reverse gear higher gear. Manual search of lower frequencies.