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Bellary, who is Ramamurthy's brother-in-law, found out about the presence of iron ore under Ramamurthy's land, and along with Baireddanna, decided to exploit the ore for their own benefit. During the shoot of Charan's introduction scene, the cables fixed to the train failed and Charan, who was sitting in a car on the railway track, jumped from the car and was injured. Goal eppudo miss avade Ne galam vesaka. Download song Singareni undhi.

Choudary in association with N. Silent choopulodu Violent chetalodu Current kandalodu Silent choopulodu Violent chetalodu Current kandalodu Kadakku chai veedu Chiruthaaaaaaaaaaa Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy He is the mr. Tamanna looks very hot and seductive in rain with wet clothes tempting viewers with her dance.

Vanda tonnule powere unna Ompu sampula silpam nuvva. Shall I tell the way to join my soul? Racha was dubbed into Tamil as Ragalai and into Malayalam as Raksha. Ee paalarathi lompulanni haam phattu.

Charan left for an abroad trip for a complete make-over of his attire and practised different dancing steps as part of his homework for the film. Protestors feel that this does not send a good message into the society.

The film was also shot in the Anji County of China making it the first Telugu film to do so. Parthiepan who makes a crucial cameo appearance. Racha became the first Telugu film to be shot in the dense forest of interior China. Narayana as Raj's adoptive father Lisa Haydon in a special appearance in the film's title song. Both the dubbed versions were commercially successful.

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After completing a schedule, Merupu was shelved and later, N. Title Vana vana velluvaye.

Raj Ram Charan is a Hyderabad -based gambler living with his adopted parents who support his means of living. Go without expectations and you will be entertained. On its completion, Charan took a break for ten days. Tragedy strikes the family when his adopted father M. He rescues Chaitra and distributes Ramamurthy's land to the villagers after marrying her.

Parthiepan as Suryanarayana, Raj's father Brahmanandam as Dr. Rachcha offers nothing new but has enough elements that entertain the mass audiences and mega fans. Is the finger that searches me beautiful? The film marks the Telugu debut of Ajmal Ameer and R. As Ramcharan is a good dancer the steps look even simple and effective to attract fans.

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Parthiepan made a cameo appearance as Charan's father in the film marking his Telugu debut who accepted it after Nandi explained the role's importance. Rachcha Vaana Vaana Remix Lyrics. Brad Pittla body penuchi hip hop steppulu nerchi.

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Raj accepts the challenge to meet the expenses of his adopted father's liver transplantation but later discovers that he has been trapped by James and Chaitra for a purpose. Rich poriki sketchlu vesthe reach avalevanta.

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Racha Audio songs Racha Title song. Ne chitikesthe digivastare angelse ekanga.

When Suryanarayana and Ramamurthy objected, they and their families, except Raj and Chaitra, were killed by Bellary and Baireddanna. Few scenes were shot in a set erected near the Aluminium factory at Gachibowli. When Dharani quoted a high budget, Chiranjeevi and the producers suggested a reduction. Narayana is diagnosed with cirrhosis as a result of alcoholism.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chaitra was adopted by Bellary, who planned to kill her when she becomes an adult so he could acquire Ramamurthy's land. An injured James then reveals about Raj's past. Raj decides to avenge his father's death and kills Bellary, virtuacop2 Baireddanna and his son at Rayadurg. Raj's father Suryanarayana R.

Ella Ella Ella ne valla kadhu ella. Korukunadi dorike daka Speed breaker lede inka. Though, the story is not that great and is quite predictable one, the ability of the director made it quite interesting.

The trend of remix songs in tollywood stands to continue. Download song Vana vana velluvaye.

Sameer Reddy was recruited as the film's cinematographer while Raju Sundaram and Shobi choreographed the songs along with Prem Rakshith. English Translation Is eye beautiful?