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Delete music off palm pre

The Blackberry Storm doesn't have a keyboard. Well, if you're the kind of person who wants the latest greatest thing? If you're the type who is a Palm fanatic. Technology always costs the most when is introduced initially.

The Samsung Instinct doesn't have a Keyboard. Man, I was very disappointed. The Pre is a solid phone, even if it makes a few mistakes. If you didn't know about them, you'd probably never guess. Palm hopes the Pre can bring it back from the brink of extinction.

Can you just turn on the light? Are these actually the rough edges of the molded plastic upper body?

How do you delete apps off a Palm Pre Plus? If you have one please you should return it or face the possibility of it dropping out of the holster. Steve, Are you sure you peeled all protective plastic film from the Pre you reviewed? Get it from Best buy you wont have to mail in the rebate its instant.

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How do I edit my own postings? Once you put in an email account. If you had to pick a new phone today would it be the Pre, iPhone or Magic? The fourth photo clearly shows protective plastic wrap on the back cover of the phone.

Also, does anyone know where I can find a list of applications that are currently available for download? Click for full glossary page. So far the Pre seems pretty awesome!

Delete music off palm pre

Delete music off palm pre

All my calls were going to voice mail. My w has this and I don't find many phones that do.

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Well I bought my holster from best buy and its fine. What I was trying to say is that if you have just a couple of cards open, it is easy to multitask and jump from card to card. Can i keep the phone and get a new number? Follow phonescoop on Twitter. It was mentioned in the review that there doesn't seem to be much benefit to the card system.

In all the years I've tested Sprint phones, I have never seen one roam before. No need to fret my friend.

Don't know what Sprint issue was. There was nothing about this phone that I think will make people want to buy it.

And, give anyone any phone that theyre not familiar with and they will become confused and frustrated, I hate using the iPhone because Im not familiar with it. Is there any way I can write up a document and automatically temporarily lock it so that others can only see it starting the next day?

Delete music off palm pre

Convert any music format to unprotected MP3 via virtual CD burning

Examined the Palm Pre in a Best Buy store. Has this happened to anyone else?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Motorola's G series phones have now reached their sixth generation. They said to keep the phone but They want the number. The only successful modular phone system to date, Motorola's z series is still going strong. Can someone find your address using your cell phone number?

Even without those features its an extremely solid device with excellent web browsing and syncing features. In the future, both will be resolved. The only negative about the pre is the camera not the price. How do people sneak small items like smartphones through metal detectors? Do you prefer iPhone or Android?

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Delete music off palm pre? How do i get songs that aren't showing up in my music directory off my Palm Pre? The problem is i have no idea how to delete music and he has about songs i don't want. Yesterday my brother gave me his palm pre and decided to keep everything on it and let me decide what to delete. If you're on the fence about smartphones in general, bob rivers christmas songs the Pre may be the device that makes you a convert.

Rebooting the phone did take care of the problem. This Palm seems to be refreshing.

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