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Great swag with some dope fucking lines, the tracks more wacky and fun, good to chill too, and definitely a banger. This shits annoying to listen to. Your like the milk man delivering empty glasses of fucking milk. Just wish he would retire!

Instead of judging it like your some fucking studio executive. Boy ur girl a jump-off, I hope she lands feet first.

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Does Wayne give free tickets? They always bring up Eminem for no reason lmao.

He could put out a track with no rhymes no flow no nothin and the same people are gonna stick up for him. At least he sounds somewhat interested. Also all the guys mentioning race as an argument between true fans and bandwagoners none of that actually means anything anymore.

Lil Wayne My Homies Still (Feat Big Sean) Dirty

Its cool to switch things up but not if its wack. Fuck yung based god and anybody that luv him fuck boy. That skateboard is not getting you high no matter how much you want it to, and it aint doin shit fa yo musik.

Damn man some people are so quick to judge. So Eminem is a white boy rapper. You all say Rozay doing it big and all that but ask yourself this what is he doing with his life at the moment? These haters need to grow the fuck up and understand some shit before they talk.

This is what withdrawel symptoms sounds like. He needs Tupac and Biggie to come to him in a dream and put him up on g. It sounds more like a Big Sean song then a weezy one excuse me tunebitch one. Look at any rapper they rap about what they doing in life.

Anthony Buben Wolfpac Mafia. Maybe just try and think about it. Nobody is thinking about Eminem but you guys.

Lil Wayne Homies Still kolang kaling

Why do we wait on this niggas bullshit music still? And honestly it wouldnt be a big deal if his music was still good but its not. Hate is strong on a fan page?

Lil Wayne Homies Still

The beat knocks and Wayne goes in! Like wtf dude, retire if u dont give a shit no more.

This song is seriously hot. Its like he ran out of shit to say and its corny.

This Weezy makes my Beats headphones do orgasmic things. Pat him on the back when he actually shows he tried and went hard. Never thought I would see the day that big Sean out raps lil wayne.

Created by Daniel Mousdell Powered by Wordpress. So once again a song comes out and people hate on it. Just reading your tweets you can tell your not very intelligent. When im sober aint shit to do but work out, but when im faded, i do it all.

Listen to this compared to the other songs that came out around then. Fuck off and enjoy the track for what it it.

Everyone, books on surveying Weezy Kills It Always! Tyga is doing his thing but it will get old. If only every fan thot tha same!

This is to get Wayne talked about again. Its like super man not having super powers anymore, and just wants to skate now. And this is coming from a former big fan. Wayne is falling off but he has yet to hit the bottom.

Lil Wayne My Homies Still Ft Big Sean Mp3 songs

Enter your e-mail address above to get Lil Wayne updates sent to you via e-mail. Download Lil Wayne's Latest Tape. Buy Lil Wayne's Newest Album. Fell of but still won top male artist and top rap artist.

This man used to be able to murk any single person that stepped on a track with him. This album is gonna be sick! Im a big fan but this song straight up fag shit. Hey Danny do you know when the dirty version will be released?

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The only way he is going to realize he fell off is if his album sales flop and reality sets in omg i took all my fans for granted. This album is going to be unreal. He lights a joint at the beginning of every song.