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Mathew gets the job posing as a Brahmin and introducing himself as Vilwadri Iyer. The romantic duet sung by K. Ummer becomes attracted to Pennaal and expresses his desire to marry her.

Swami becomes furious and drives them away. Pushkaran decides to shoot this rare scene and climbs a tree for a good vantage point. Dakshinamoorthy were the highpoints of the film.

Jayasree Sheela runs away from her home to avoid getting married to an old man. Thampi seeks the support of the police. Geetha does everything to please Mathew, who in turn cleverly manages to keep his true identity intact.

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Prem Nazir and Jayabharathi were at their romantic best. Dutt and music, which was the highpoint of the film, composed by V.

Radha, feigning to be speech impaired, finds a job in this lodge. Prathapachandran switches on his camera and shoots the scene instead of aiming his pistol at the tiger and trying to save Pushkaran. Geetha falls in love with Mathew believing that he is a Brahmin but Mathew tries to keep away from her as he understands the consequences that can follow.

Marunattil Oru Malayali

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Despite his efforts he fails to get one. He sends his man Pachan Janardhanan as an escort with orders to kill Pushkaran. Karutha chakravaala mathilukal choozhum Kaaraagruhamaanu bhoomi Oru karaagruhamaanu bhoomi Thalakku mukalil shoonyaakaasham Thaazhe nizhalukalizhayum narakam karutha. In Thiruvananthapuram she is harassed by some city wastrels and seeks refuge in K. Dances choreographed by Chinni Sampath, Rajkumar and E.

Here, Bhasu meets his college mate Latha Sheela. To keep Pushkaran away from the village Prathapachandran sends him to the forests in Wayanad asking him to shoot pictures of the wildlife there.

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The hilarious comedy scenes involving Adoor Bhasi, S. Now, Iyer narrates an interesting parallel to his early life in Madras and that of Mathew. They move towards the hideout followed by Bhasu. On seeing this film Pennaal suffers a mental breakdown.

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The tribals in Wayanad inform Pushkaran about a pregnant tigress on the mountain slopes. Raj, the film was shot at Vahini, Arunachalam, and Newton Studios. Pushkaran had managed to escape from the tiger and was taken care of by the tribals.


One of the bundles comprised counterfeit currency notes. Produced by Oriental Movies, mp3 mujhse dosti karoge owned by P.

Gradually, Latha is drawn towards Bhasu. They are police officers deputed to investigate cases related to fake currency and Jayasree is an officer from the Central Intelligence Department. The film ends on a happy note with the wedding of Pennaal and Pushkaran. Ashoka poornima vidarum vaanam Anubhoothikal than rajanee yaamam Alayukayaayen anuraaga kalpana Aakaasha thaamara theril ashoka.

Thampi announces reward of Rs. Not able to perform his duties successfully Mathew is dismissed from the job.

The film ends on a happy note with the wedding of Mathew and Geetha. The story pivots on a theft that occurs in a bus and it is said that the modus operandi adopted to apprehend the thief was based on a real incident that took place at Cherthala in Alappuzha district. Email required Address never made public. The manager of the lodge is arrested by the police, but he is murdered on the way to police station by Karutha Kai. Bhasu comes to the town in the disguise of an artist.

Prathapachandran, who reaches Wayanad, climbs a nearby hilltop to keep a watch on Pushkaran. Vaasana poombodi thookuvaanethunna Vaasantha shilppikale Poojakkedukkathe puzhu kuthi nilkkumee Pookkale ningal marannu Kozhiyumee pookkale ningal marannu karutha. Leela became very popular. Varnna chithrangal varaikkuvaanethunna Vaishakha sandhyakale Njangale maathram karutha chaayam mukki Enthinee mannil varachu vikruthamaay Enthinee mannil varachu karutha.

But Iyer has a condition that only a Brahmin would be appointed. Namboodiri and Chandu reveal their true identities. Vasudevan under the banner of Jayamaruthi, and directed by A. Menon sends the ransom amount to the place specified by Karutha Kai.

Songs written by Sreekumaran Thampi and set to music by Dakshinamoorthy based on Carnatic ragas turned timeless hits. Some of the songs written by Abhayadev and tuned by M. Songs written by Sreekumaran Thampi and set to tune by Dakshinamoorthy turned timeless hits.

Pillai, Sheela, Shanthi and others were cast in important roles. In a desperate attempt to escape Thampi shoots down Vikraman and Kader. The police find the fake currency, but cleverly hands over the entire money to Jayasree. Meanwhile, Pachan has second thoughts and becomes friends with Pushkaran. Krishnan Kottayam Chellappan and his son Dr.