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Add to Basket Available on Kindle. By way of comparison the font is now smaller than the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine. Please log in to apply this offer. Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine.

We give away our eBook in a variety of formats to permit our students to access it across all devices. This new edition expands on the award-winning third edition with a modified structure, new and updated chapters, new figures and scenarios and further help with difficult topics. The fourth edition of this Pastest bestseller has been revised to incorporate the latest clinical guidelines and exam changes. Or perhaps if their exam is some way away they might even consider buying two.

The authors supplement detailed knowledge provision with questions at the end of each chapter that assist greatly in consolidating and entrenching knowledge. Best of luck for your exam. In common with most preparatory texts this book adopts the pocket-sized format to aid portability on the ward.

Somewhat eccentric in style, this may not appeal to all. Few pictures, not in colour. Unlike some other texts, it is perfectly feasible to read this from cover to cover without detracting from your time spent in front of patients. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine.

The latest edition of this exceptional textbook continues to provide up-to-date details of contemporary medical practice. The book is divided into three major sections covering areas of the body, organised according to the format adopted in the exam.

Mrcp books

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This is an approach that suits many candidates and adopts a format that examiners prefer. Detracting from these benefits is a relatively weak index. Some sections may now be out of date There are four stations not covered! Pretty well all candidates use a book.

It also includes excerpts from real clinical papers to illustrate key concepts. There is a thorough curriculum that is cited by reviewers as being particularly strong in neurology and history taking skills.

Murray Longmore, Ian Wilkinson. This version contains fully embedded video, but is available on fewer devices. Thoroughly updated in line with current guidelines, the tenth edition of this title is the ultimate guide to the practice and philosophy of medicine. The style is very much that of a quick reference guide, heavily bulleted and with concise prose. The ninth edition of this best-selling textbook of clinical medicine builds even further on its formidable, prize-winning formula of excellence, comprehensiveness and accessibility.

This book aims to guide the candidate through the subject, and avoid becoming bogged down in detail. While readers benefit from a detailed interpretation of this station, there are a couple of drawbacks. Get as pdf Completely free.

You will need to buy additional books for the other stations, popcaan the system and having been published in some recent law relating to mental capacity a recent favourite topic may be out of date. This book may work best if portability on the ward is a really high priority for you. It also allows you to fit the book in your pocket.

And as you may be aware, the internet has a hell of a lot of opinion on it. Hall includes numerous clinical cases which include the common questions asked by examiners at the end of each scenario. Share This Share this post with your friends! The major strength of this textbook is a longstanding and thorough project to find what cases other candidates encountered in their exams. No eBook version Only neurology included.

And then rupture an aneurysm trying to lift them onto your shelf. Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine. This is a valuable way of revising for the exam if you want to target your work towards those cases which occur with high frequency. Benamer includes summaries of vital examination steps to be conducted, clinical findings, discussions in question and answer format, and tips and traps.

Conclusion There you have it. The Clinical Skills Pro team. This book is ideal for those looking for a book that balances a reasonably comprehensive curriculum with brevity. These are divided up by organ system which is a reasonable structure to adopt for preparation for this exam.

Just remember your style of revising may not match that of everyone else, and that different candidates have different strengths, weaknesses and preferences in style and delivery. Written by experts in the field of medical ethics and law, this second edition is a must-have for doctors of all levels and will be a key reference text throughout your career. The writing style neatly integrates both the clinical and non-clinical elements of the examination and juxtaposes these with colour photographs and diagrams. Please select a country above. First there is one very important caveat.

Mrcp books
Mrcp books