Padi Pantalu Telugu Songs

Released in and picturized on Narasimha Raju and Prabha. Tara Sutaria turns showstopper for Ritu Kumar.

Padi Pantalu SongsPadi pantalu telugu songs

Released in and directed by V Madhusudana Rao. Reasons why ghee is super amazing for you! The song penned by Veturi and picturized on Sr.

Can you guess the cost of Deepika Padukone's outfit? Show Songs nyayam dharmam chirunavvulu vedajallu Srikakulam cheerakatti seetakalam sayakalam Bommalanti Play All. Released in and directed by Parvathaneni Sambasiva Rao. Starting with this movie, Sobhan Babu got an image of a stranded two-wives-husband role.

Padi pantalu telugu songs

Released in and the directional debut of Jandhyala. Cricketer Ishan Kishan gets a complicated tattoo. Radhika plays double roles good and negative and Chandra Mohan is the hero in the movie. Blackmail Song - Happy Happy. Rao Gopala Rao once reminisced that he had got this role bacause of his parichayam with Mullapudi Ramana, the writer for this movie.

Padmaavat Song - Binte Dil. Picturized on Ranganadh and Jayaprada. Murali Mohan is the hero and Pratap Pothan acts as a mentally retarded person.

Released in and picturized on Rama Krishna and Chandra Kala. Rama Krishna plays double roles good and evil and the movie has a patriotic theme.

This beautiful song was picturized on Sobhan Babu and Manjula. The song was picturized on both heroines.

Show Songs enduko teliyani ee vayyaramu ee vilasamu swadesaniki eeroju Baleroju evaraalakinturu kilakila navvula O taraka O jabili meow meow Play All. Dil Juunglee Song - Bandeya. Released in and it is a directional debut for Vamsi, who until then used to be an assistant to K Viswanadh.

Sridevi became the most sensational Telugu glamorous heroine, wicked business janet evanovich starting with this movie. This is one of the earliest Telugu though it is a dubbed one movies with a concept of hero having the psychopathic instincts. Probably this is one of very few Telugu movies for which he was a main music director and I can recall only this song when his name springs to my mind.

Picturized on Ranganadh, Deepa and Jaya Prada. Chakravarthi hails from Tadikonda, Guntur Dt. Released in and all of you know the film details. The movie is about Ranganadh bringing a change in superstitious and very conservative-minded wife, Jaya Prada. Released in and the song picturized on Suvarna and Chiru.

Paadi Pantalu

Unveiling Miss India Telangana finalists. The song picturized on Chandra Mohan and Jaya Prada.

Padi Padi Leche Manasu Telugu Movie (2018)

The lyricist, Veturi says that this romantic song is one of his all-time favorites among his thousands of songs. Released in and directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao. The movie is a family drama with misunderstandings between the in-laws and the couple as well. The song picturized on Seema and Saritha. Beauty queens and their New Year resolutions.

Show Songs poongadave taazh tirava Tamil Play All. Show Songs gummetinche ee reyi Play All.

This is the first movie with Krishna-Rajani Kanth combination. Released in and directed by Devadas Kanakala. Nijam Cheppave pilla Padamani Nannadaga Tagunaa? Chiru plays as a womanizer, who later meets with an accident that confines him to a wheel chair and is destined to marry one of the girls he has used and thrown. The movie is about father-son relation and how the father Rao Gopala Rao re-unites with his long-lost son Sobhan Babu and about how a petty thief gets reformed.

Released in and the song picturized on Lakshmi Kanth and Roja Ramani. Krishna works as a palEru for Nagabhusham. How much do the outfits cost? He can not forget his first love and distances his wife, while the latter patiently awaits a positive change in him.

Padi Padi Leche Manasu Telugu Movie Cast

Suhasini is a heart patient in the movie, who dies in the end. Picturized on Kamal Hassan and Jaya Chitra. Kiski Sarkar - Official Trailer. Show Songs evariki cheppEdi? Show Songs maa raitu kanule kalupu tuvvaye tuvvay manchitanani yennelanaka aTu ganTala motala Play All.

Show Songs maruvajalani manasu chalani vinavoyi batasari veeragandham pettinamaya vastundoy vastundi kaluvalaraja katha vinarava Play All. Released in and the song picturized on Karthik. It is a triangular love story with Sarath Babu at the sacrificial end. Released in and the song picturized on Krishna and Jaya Chitra. Released in and the movie directed by B.

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Picturized on Hari Prasad who is best remembered as a roommate to Chiranjeevi in their film institute days and Jaya Sudha. Participate in Write India Junior. Miss India Telangana registrations. All Bombay Times print stories are available on.