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An epic soundtrack for film trailers, games, powerful presentations, and any other inspiring projects. Doomed to immortality Free. The most meditative track of the entire collection. Nevertheless, it can be successfully used as a cinematic soundscape. Full of emotion and heart, this is perfect for dramatic, sad, strange, and even uplifting film scenes.

This track is very moving and emotional and serves well as an underscore or background for tragic, sad, and heartbreaking scenes. Alone and lost but hopeful. This tragic and sad background music for movies may be used for home production video, documentary and any other video projects.

Sad Ghost Story is a piece that evokes the sadness of a misguided spirit using quiet piano and harp melodies. This is an atmospheric suspenseful ambient guitar music, full of tension and drama. The first part of the composition is a piano solo, which in the middle is complemented by violoncello and violins. Strict piano chords threaded by a murmur of the water. Elegant, light and rising track, has the simple touching and light melody of the piano, with a feeling of pensive restraint.

Exclusive track written specifically for your project according to your requirements, will not be used anywhere else. Great for melancholy and sorrow, depressing background, apocalypse and apocalyptic scenes, tragedy and disaster films, post-war battlefield and other. Deep, sensitive and sad music is a perfect background for a sad scenes and videos. Inspiring and motivational theme for piano and strings. This is a slow emotional track bassed on piano and strings.

Emotional inspiring music with a sad and touching mood. Great for drama and melancholic films, sentimental and slow videos, thoughtful and melodrama projects. When performing orchestration, both traditional musical instruments and modern synthesizers were used. This simple and catchy piano melody flows like a mountain stream. The main instrument piano with violin and synthetic choir in the background.

Repeating entry elements in the final part forms a feeling of incompleteness and expectations for further development. Calming, dark and mournful. Ideal sad background music for broken heart, deep sadness, death and loss, lost love, funeral slideshow and memorial video.

Melancholy and contemplative piano with strings. Dramatic film trailer music with touching, reflective, haunting and beautiful mood. This background track can set you way back in time almost from the first seconds. Great for scary youtube videos, eerie short films, or any video project requiring some paranormal suspense. Sad, dramatic and melancholic instrumental music track.

Piano, strings, and cello. Suitable for dramatic films, as slow and touching intro music, nostalgic documentary, touching drama, or melancholic and thoughtful scenes. Instrumentation includes acoustic guitar, solo electric guitar, emotional piano, sensual violins and added percussion. Featured instruments are piano, celli, viola, violins. The human connection that its pitch, intensity, tempo and rhythm create can actually soothe, and means that it will remain an extremely popular medium in all genres.

Dramatic Cinematic Strings. The song creates a sad and perhaps even tragic mood. Historical background of sad music. Great for games, films, podcasts, documentaries, and more!

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted. This is deep sad ad and emotional track with mellow and a bit tragic mood.

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These orchestral instruments of woodwind, brass, percussion and strings have since become ingrained within the sound of sad music. Instrumental sad background music collection. Specific notes have also gained a reputation in songwriting, especially the theory to use minor keys for sad background music and major keys for happy music. Ideal for motivational speeches, love story, wedding videos, hallelujah chorus mp3 sad film and other.

Royalty free Sad music Forever And Eternity. Soothing chords of violins sound very relaxing. Leisurely arpeggios and the memorable melody are easy to perceive any type of audience. Heartful and emotive tune with sad and hopeful melody.

Sad and emotional piano track with melancholic and nostalgic mood. You can almost feel the orchestra right in front of you. The track is most saturated with the tonal variations of the main melody.

The base of the track is a short rhythmic phrase repeated piano. This is a piece of emotional and sentimental piano music, full of memories and sadness.

The instrumental piano background track rich with light, sun and able to bring enthusiasm to the listener. This piano music reflects the bright and cheerful mood of spring and inspiration.

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Slow piano background music

Middle Eastern female voices and violins with strings. Suitable for tragedy documentary, post-war and disaster scenes, lyrical and sentimental moments, dramatic trailers, funeral and memorial, depression and sorrow emotions. Moody, emotional and bittersweet.

The live record is full of humanity and sensitivity for maximum impact to the listeners. The most interesting track of the collection. Memories of a past life, remembering love and loss, and the sadness that always seems to resurface.

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This song could work well to depict despair, and the blast of emotions. An ominous, dark, scary horror theme. Great for mysterious documentary films, scary and horror background, fear and thriller trailer, drama and cinematic piano intro, criminal and danger scenes and much more.

The slow melody of violins makes the track really dark, giving the impression of hopelessness and melancholy. Great for film, slideshow, heartfelt drama, reflective moments, wedding videos. Also perfect for depression and longing scenes, sensitive backgrounds and more.

Great for dark mystery scenes, film noir, waiting moments, etc. Perfect for a wide range of video projects. This is a slow and dark piano classical music, full of sad emotions. Instruments are piano and orchestral strings. Dramatic, emotional sad background music with tragic, yet sentimental mood.