Sugarcrm Modules

Browse, update and export or import your data quickly and easily. Using the name search field you can filter by any field in the list view to more quickly drill down to the exact records you need. Identify key decision makers and influencers using this handy dashlet. Fenix Rise Customer Portal.

Build and send emails in a snap without ever leaving the record that you are on. Sales and marketing teams use them to organize field visits and campaigns.

It restores the data from different modules that you and users delete from the system. This is the best solution! Made for both marketing and sales. With Password Management Ninja, you stay organized while your passwords remain secure.

Just install the app and turn your prospects into Customers! Supporting your customers has never been easier! Know where a given contact fits in or how an account is structured.

Ideal for tracking time against project tasks, support cases, then billing your clients. Have calculated fields and logic hooks that your business depends on for reporting and business logic. Locate your clients and prospects on a contextualized map. Me is an easy to use tool that makes product demos, troubleshooting, and team collaboration easier from remote Windows and Mac systems.

The predictive lead generation solution is used by marketing and sales team who target the European markets. Use the advanced search to quickly find files you need. Latest Release Notification Program. Increase your Sales instantly by using Sales Data Visualizer. Our plugin provides bi-directional syncing with HubSpot.

Increase productivity with this feature-rich, configurable theme and easily create professional reports. Add, delete, or edit contacts of an account when creating a new account or editing an existing account. Administrators can copy dashboards from any user to any number of users, teams, or roles.

Monitor user activities such as when a record gets added, updated, or deleted. Data Purification Assessment.

Now Support Sugar on Demand! Need to add a value to one of your drop downs? Categories Account Management. Dashlets on the Dashboard can be configured to show rows and columns, charts, websites and many other pieces of information.

Module Definitions

Synchronize contacts, calendars and tasks. Advanced Marketing Lists automatically fill Target Lists and keep updated the Campaigns to which they are associated. View Opportunities with totals per sales stage, Quotes, Invoices and Contacts for an account and its members. Allow users to quickly and easily share filters to other users. This module keeps your Target Lists up to date and relevant.


Have the ability to log against multiple modules on one timesheet and log against specific modules that more than one user is working on. Supports all modules, resume models for mca freshers including custom modules.

Understanding your users is fundamental in providing them with exactly what they need in order to work more efficiently and effectively. SynoGenerateDoc for Sugar. Fix that with this quick add-on.

Analytic Reporting Tool Basic. Once place for all your files, wherever you are, including in Sugar. Drill down into member accounts or see total opportunities, quotes, invoices, and contacts. See your web visitors, web visit history, and chat history as you are working with a visitor.

Timesheet Ninja Visual Dashboard. The perfect compliment for sales meetings. Optimize your interface to make it easier and more efficient to use. Eliminates double entry by syncing accounts and contacts, email addresses, marketing lists, campaign results, individual email tracking, and removal results. Quickly view the organizational hierarchy of any account or contact.

SugarCRM modules

Stop mixing customers with suppliers and use a new module dedicated to these types of accounts. Any possible duplicates will be highlighted and noted when viewing a given lead.

Control what your users can access and save time, money, and frustrations. Business Discovery Session. Dropbox is used by many businesses for all of their photos, docs, videos, and files. Xero Accounting Integration is the undisputed master in accounting software, giving you the power to create smart accounting from just about anywhere in the world. Turn multiple select fields into checkboxes.

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Admin users can create templates of filters from multiple users to deploy to users, teams, or roles. With WebToModule you can create custom webforms for these any many other uses. Includes advanced mapping criteria to sync the records just the way you need to. Long drop-downs are a nightmare to use when a list gets beyond a few options. Proximity searches are becoming more essential to businesses every day.

Send out invites to your guests, speakers, and sponsors. It will save you and your employees hundreds of clicks per day.

Sync files on the desktop. Charge directly from any Account, Contact, Lead, or Quote. Biztech ConsultancyWordpress Plugin. With the sales assistant package you can also view the structure of Accounts and Contacts. Our flexible project management solution for Sugar will help your whole team stay organized and focused on execution while bringing transparency and visibility into the whole process.

Need a landing page for your next campaign? Stay on top of your open opportunities and improve your sales conversion rate. Sick of adding values the long, hard way? Enforce Field Formats for Sugar. Organizations can use both packages together without missing out on features critical to streamlining operations and minimizing double work.

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