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Gabriel beats a confession out of him. The murder of a doctor who treats cancer patients hits close to home for Brenda and gets her in hot water with Pope. When two members of the Catorce street gang are shot to death, Brenda and her squad must solve the murders before a gang war erupts. With the future of the Priority Homicide Division hanging in the balance, Brenda must figure out who she can trust before she becomes the next victim.

The season also explores the elements of family life in America, the secrets a family keeps and the horrors a family must face. The theme for Season Four is power. As the season progresses, we see Brenda struggle to establish her authority and earn the respect of her squad, despite the efforts of Taylor and Detective Lt. The squad investigates the brutal murder of a family, the only survivor being the son, ghazal mp3 who soon becomes their main suspect. Brenda is helped by Tommy Delk Courtney B.

While the team investigates a massacre that included an up and coming rapper, Delk begins a major restructuring at Major Crimes, including a surprising new boss for Brenda. While getting her own Hollywood makeover as she retraces Heather's last days on Earth, Brenda discovers some unglamorous secrets about the former model's marriage. As Brenda sorts through the complicated details surrounding the bizarre case, she discovers that a member of her team may have tampered with the evidence. While Major Crimes tries to stop a hit ordered from prison by a Mexican drug cartel, Brenda's attorney begins the uncomfortable task of find the leak in the department. Brenda finds herself caught between finding the shooter and controlling Sanchez, who appears bent on his own form of justice.

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Further examination indicates the boy might have had a clotting condition. The mother shoots the surgeon dead. Deputy Chief Johnson's investigation into a famous Hollywood divorce attorney found floating in his swimming pool is under heavy scrutiny. As the team picks up a case involving body parts of likely gang members found in plastic bags, they discover that Brenda has thrown her hat into the ring to be the next Chief of Police. Episodes Major Crimes Episodes.

But when Brenda uncovers shocking new evidence, she finds herself compromising a conviction to bring the real murderer to justice. Now Brenda and the Priority Homicide Division not only have to find the killer, but also the real identity of the victim. When Chief Pope offers assistance, Brenda is dubious. An old detective comes out of retirement to help Brenda and the team wade through the suspects to find the true killer. The father of a singer Skyler Day is found dead after being reported missing a week earlier.

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With all members of the dearly departed's dysfunctional family under suspicion, the Priority Homicide Division must separate the fact from fiction in a complicated whodunit. Brenda and Fritz, both distracted by different cases, prepare for their wedding. After a troubled year-old adopted boy disappears, Brenda must decide whether he should be treated as a runaway or an abduction.

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Fritz and Brenda must deal with a crime that Brenda's parents consider a top priority. Brenda's clairvoyant soon to be sister-in-law Amy Sedaris comes to town for Brenda and Fritz's wedding. Now to solve the case, Brenda must get inside the boy's head and unlock the secrets that will reveal the identity of the real killer.

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Brenda suspects that her possessive husband may have hired a hitman to kill the deceased. Brenda's investigation into the murder of a psychiatrist and the drug trial he was conducting is disrupted when Pope leaks confidential information that Flynn uses against her. Gabriel comes under investigation for shooting a homicide suspect when the facts don't add up. Flynn and Provenza fail to detect a robbery-homicide in progress at a cash-for-gold store, leading to a messy and awkward investigation for Major Crimes. Brenda and the team must investigate the movie set murder of a hairdresser.

Meanwhile, Fritz has a surprise for Brenda, as does an unlikely suitor. The team starts to realize Provenza's weird behavior.

As it becomes clear the two officers may have had ties to a drug cartel, Brenda and Priority Homicide find themselves questioning whether the two men were murdered or killed in self defense. Subsequent airings of the episode were edited to fit a one-hour slot with commercials.

But when their car is targeted and shot at, Brenda is forced to live under hour police protection, while being the key witness in the case she must solve. At Christmas, Brenda and Fritz struggle to find a buyer for their home. Brenda's worries about the Stroh case intensify as she starts having nightmares about him. The hospital administrator provides the video from the surgery.

As the team takes over the case, the most recent robbery results in a murder. Meanwhile, Brenda has a personal health scare when she finally visits the doctor.

Soon, the hunt for a missing girl who may have been involved uncovers a much more painful crime, and the hard realities of multi-generational gang life. But will they make it to the wedding, or will work interfere yet again? When Provenza and Flynn pick up flight attendants on their way back from extraditing a prisoner, Provenza finds one of their co-workers dead in the bathtub of one of the stewardesses.

Pope becomes interim chief after Delk's death, but he doesn't cancel Raydor's investigation into Brenda. While administering an important drug test on a new anti-depressant to help addictive teenagers stay clean, a prominent doctor is murdered in his office. Brenda's parents visit as Brenda and Fritz prepare for the wedding, and Brenda must confront her feelings for her father when his health is suddenly threatened.


The team searches for a missing boy at a camp where Lieutenant Tao's son works. While Brenda's mother and ailing father visit, she and her team investigate the murder of a priest who had come to an apartment to deliver last rites. Brenda soon wins over her assistant, Sgt.